While we are a very small company mainly specializing in Service and Repair of high end analog equipment, we are also a Factory Authorized Sales Dealer for the following brands:

  • Cayin – Cayin Electronics and Aurum Cantus Speakers
  • DH Labs – All cables and connectors
  • FuruTech – All cables and connectors
  • Oracle – All turntables and electronics
  • Quad – Speakers and electronics
  • SOTA – All turntables
  • Sumiko – All cartridges

From time to time we have used equipment that arrives at our sales department as well. Please check this page for available pieces and pricing.

As of 3/15/2015 we have:

  • McIntosh MX113 – in wood case, FM fully aligned. $1200
  • McIntosh MC2105 – in wood case, spec checked. $1600
  • Cayin CDT23 – Tube CD player, Demo. $1500
  • Quad QC24 – Tube preamp with MC/MM stage. $1300

Call 919-205-1389 or email alex@theanalogstore.com for more details.