The Analog Store

*Analogue – That’s what you hear!

The most natural form for sound and music
(If Digital was intended, you would’ve been born with an infinite
resolution D to A converter as one of your organs)

The Analog Store

69 Russet Drive
Four Oaks, NC 27524

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The Analog Store – With over 45 years of Analog Audio Experience, is the best place to have your precious High End Equipment taken care of. We are honest and straight forward. Advice we give will be for the best of your equipment and performance, unbiased, without hidden agendas. With knowledge and experience in all forms of Analog Audio Equipment, we can resolve most of your problems. We pride ourselves to ONLY provide services on these 5 categories of 2 channel high end gears: (No TV, Video, Surround Sound, or Home Theaters)

  1. Tube or Solid State Amplifiers
  2. Tube or Solid State FM tuners
  3. Turntable, repairs, upgrades and setup
  4. ElectroStatic Speakers
  5. Reel to Reel tape decks

We know you are serious about your equipment, so are we!

Live Music in Raleigh

We are passionate about music at The Analog Store. We will help you select the best audio gear and keep it running. You can keep your ears analog Ear calibrated by listening to live music!

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Quality Broadcasting

Sources for quality listening on the internet in and around Raleigh, NC. WCPE Great Classical Music. No stinking format just good eclectic music and more. Taintradio listener support internet radio.

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Vinyl Music Sources

Sources for vinyl music in and around the Triangle in Raleigh, NC. If you are interested in collecting and listening to music on vinyl there are several local places you should check out in our area.

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