McIntosh History

The legendary McIntosh Laboratory was founded in 1949 in Maryland. Alex Lok, the founder of The Analog Store, was also born in 1949 in China. Not to draw a parallel between McIntosh and Alex Lok, but just to point out that both are 66 years old. McIntosh became the world’s most respected brand in the high end audio arena and The Analog Store is honored to be McIntosh’s Authorized Warranty Service Station for North Carolina. During his tenure as service manager with the Stereo Shop in Hartford, CT between 1972 and 1977, Alex had the privilege to be trained by Jeff Baccacio (Tributary Cables) and later succeeded him working for the Stereo Shop. During that time Alex also received plenty of training from McIntosh engineers like Roger Russell and others. His experience with McIntosh audio products spans over 5 decades; amplifiers from 20W2 to MC2kw, pre-amps from C8 to C2500, FM tuners from MR65 to MR88, Receivers from MAC1500 to MAC6700, and Speakers from ML1C to XRT2K.

Newer equipment that is still under factory warranty seldom breaks. However, older McIntosh equipment that is several decades old such as the legendary and popular MC2205, C28 and MR78, often suffers from channels being intermittent, front glass cracked and switches oxidated and FM needing realignment; those and all other McIntosh models are our favorite to service.

While common parts can be sourced from parts depots or online, proprietary parts, service information and technical help would have to be directly from the factory, being authorized, we have the access to all of that. Besides normal repairs and maintenance, we can also do upgrades and modifications to your McIntosh gears keeping them fresh with new bulbs (or LEDs) to glasses to capacitors to software updates.